The scariest thing in life is a vicious cycle. This thing can push you further and further into the darkness. Like the slowly boiling frog, you will not notice the drastic and horrible changes in your life. One day, you might wake up as a hideous creature and find that your senses have numbed.

And by hideous, I am not just referring to that of appearance but also that of mentality, physiology, and character. The modern age with its convenience, has more sources of addiction and more ways to have you fall into a pothole of a vicious cycle(s). The increase of reach afforded by the internet (for good or for worse) also increases your exposure to risk. One should be more vigilant than ever.

We don’t want that. Instead, we want to ride on virtuous cycles. We want the ones that the elite of this world have been riding on ever since they were born. Even the slightest advantage can compound into a formidable asset for you.

Ironically, we must first endure arduous and bilious hardships before we become decent.

“Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” —Jerzy Gregorek

And I hate that. But like bitter coffee, we acquire a taste for it eventually.1

  1. Homeostasis ↩︎