How do you figure out the essence of an idea? And articulate it in such a way that it makes sense even if you flesh it out in conversation in a brief way?

As you can see from my current writing, I am far from achieving the mastery of being able to explain things clearly and briefly.

I use overly complex sentences that may have a sprinkle of loquaciousness and highfalutin words, simply because I find it fun to use something so anachronistic occasionally.

The Gricean maxims are definitely violated here. Intentionally. I am in awe of those who can get the gist of an idea and communicate it clearly.

It takes a lot of skill and self-restraint to pull that off. One must stave off bad writing habits in order to do that. The urge is strong and the temptation worse.

How do you have your cake and eat it too? To be minimalistic yet so profound in insight? How does one make full use of the restraints placed upon them? They say true creativity originates from working with constraints.

How do you send a message through silence? With a gap, a silhouette.

Less is more.