Blogging using the Word of the Day

I do not know what to blog about, what to write about, nor what to share with others. I am not yet an expert in my field nor too deep into hobbies to write something meaningful. I can only spare my thoughts (sometimes intrusive thoughts) and my musings.

I recently read Simon Willison’s blog post: “What to blog about.” He suggested writing about what I learned today and about projects one is doing/have done.

Every day, we learn a lot but most of it is not useful to share. We have our projects but for me they are something seldom done. Not to be antagonistic, I do like the idea. I find it to be a valuable insight.

However, I believe the #TIL is not a good prompt for very frequent blogging (at least not for me). Thus, I thought why not work with serendipity? To work with the diffuse mode of our brain? To allow ourselves freedom in our writing, to play and tinker with our prose?

Ergo: Word of the Day prompts.

To practice writing, we get the word of the day and write a post surrounding that word (and/or its essence). Perhaps 100 words as a minimum might do as a starting point? You can go lower or higher. The word limit is up to the writer.

Play with words, deconstruct how you phrase things into their basics, or just do a brain vomit in your posts. It doesn’t matter. It’s all good as long as you get some practice in. It might or might not work for you. But I’m curious to try. See “encapsulate” as my first attempt.