Je Sian Keith Herman


The scariest thing in life is a vicious cycle. This thing can push you further and further into the darkness. Like the slowly boiling frog, you will not notice the drastic and horrible changes in your life. One day, you might wake up as a hideous creature and find that your senses have numbed. And by hideous, I am not just referring to that of appearance but also that of mentality, physiology, and character.

Calculating marginal improvement in the 1% Rule

I got curious as to how the 37% improvement in James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” was calculated. As such, I went about figuring out how and tried to generalize it to different time periods (rather than just a year) and with variable improvement and regression rates for each day. Improvement at a fixed percentage This calculation is made on the assumption that there is a compounding involved, that the improvement is consistent every day without gaps, and no regression happens during that time.


How do you figure out the essence of an idea? And articulate it in such a way that it makes sense even if you flesh it out in conversation in a brief way? As you can see from my current writing, I am far from achieving the mastery of being able to explain things clearly and briefly. I use overly complex sentences that may have a sprinkle of loquaciousness and highfalutin words, simply because I find it fun to use something so anachronistic occasionally.